Equine Portraiture

This page is currently under construction - see below for FAQs and the Style Guide, but please get in touch with any further enquiries!


How many pictures will we receive?

This varies drastically! However, a rough guide, for a session lasting between 1 and 2 hours, you can expect to receive between 70 and 150 photos.

Do I have to be in the photos?

If possible, I'd always recommend getting a few photos of yourself with your horse - part of what's special about the photos is capturing the relationship between you both. However, beyond this, if you wish for the session to focus on your horse, just let me know.

My horse gets antsy easily - will this be a problem?

I always tell my clients - we are working on the horses' schedule, not ours! I've owned and ridden horses for over 20 years, and know that working 'with' the horse and how they feel on the day will produce much better results than us trying to dictate every step!
Get in touch and tell me about your horse, and we'll brainstorm a way to achieve those gorgeous images whilst keeping all parties happy :)

How soon will we be able to view our pictures?

Typically your photos will be ready within 10 days of the session. In off-peak seasons, you may receive them a little earlier, and during the busiest (summer!) season it may take a bit longer. I value delivering you the best possible photos over the speed of editing!

What's the dress code?

Inevitably, a big question! I've put together a page to help answer this, click the button above!

This is my first photoshoot - where do we even start?

Often clients are nervous - there's really no need to be at all. Get in touch and we can talk everything through!