You've booked the shoot - now what to wear?

  • Firstly, you don’t have to commit to just one outfit. We have up to two hours to work with - you are welcome to plan up to three outfit changes per person, see below for some of my recommendations.
  • We're going to be moving around a lot so make sure whatever you choose won't restrict your movement. Comfort isn't just about practicalities either - the more comfortable you feel in what you’re wearing, the more confident you’ll feel, and the better the photos will come out.
  • Neutral colours are generally a safe bet and will work well against a variety of backgrounds. If you're feeling braver, brighter colours can look stunning against a neutral background of fields or trees.
  • Lean towards more formal outfit choices - even if it isn’t your usual - don’t look back on your photos and think ‘ah, that would be the shot, if only I hadn’t been wearing those yard jeans…’
  • Choose shape-defining clothing - tapered waists over boxy shirts - these always photograph better, and we’ll pose you for the most flattering angles.
  • If in doubt, wear something white. It's so versatile, you can't go wrong, regardless of the rest of your outfit or the colour of your horse.

Shoots with Multiple People

  • I suggest having an idea of a colour scheme you want to stick to between you, or check beforehand that everyone knows what they’re wearing and that your outfits are complimentary.
  • If your two hour slot is shared between multiple people/pets please remember factor in the time any outfit changes will take.

I'm lacking inspiration - what do you recommend?

On outdoor shoots, I usually recommend three outfit styles:

  • Outfit 1: the ‘casual casual’ outfit - think tidy yard clothes - jeans/jods paired with a casual t-shirt/polo/button down/blouse
  • Outfit 2: the ‘smart casual’ outfit - think Badminton spectator - a summer dress or your tidiest pair of jeans/fitted trousers paired with a smart blouse/polo/shirt
  • Outfit 3: the ‘showstopper’ outfit - think Ladies Day at Aintree - ball gown, prom dress, cocktail dress, hats - something really fancy! Or, if you prefer, your full competition gear can look very smart.
  • If you don't want to change outfits entirely, think about layers and accessories - a jacket, hat or scarf can change up a look quickly and easily for variety in your images.

Remember your outfit is one of the most important factors in setting a mood for your shoot. Visualise what kind of pictures you'd like, and how your clothes can help create this and put an outfit together based on your preferences.

Any questions at all, just get in touch.